He sureveys his domain and he prepares to find the gate way to a world others have left behind

He finds abanonded wares that ahve been left to rot he searches for the name that led him to this spot

He finds what he is looking for a file that's been long gone conatining but a story (and one quite secret song)

he must extract it's contents: for this, a bar appears a greeness runs across it Like children run from fears

and yet, when used in new domain, the file won't budge or move he serches for the knowlegdge on how to change it's mood

he finds, at last a box, a long gone land, now obsolete, but knowing what to dop here is yet another feat

he finds the knowlegde in a mess of songs and text on blue from sribbled lines in Notepads he now knows what to do

docking this, extracting that, he quickly activates the file and old memories greet him, liek an old freind with a smile.